Light and Dark

As a lover of fantasy, and as someone who hopes to one day write in that genre, I often struggle with this highly ingrained symbolism. I can’t say for sure where or when this concept originated, but since at least Tolkien it has been a staple of high fantasy (both novels and games). If something is evil, then it is “dark” (black) and when something is good it is “light” (white). This isn’t limited to fantasy, much of our language reflects this white/good black/bad dichotomy (Martin Luther King Jr. even spoke about it). To put simply, the constant reinforcement through our language of black as negative helps to perpetuate the anti-black/white supremacist mentality that has existed since America’s founding. I don’t want to be a part of that.

But even so, sometimes I find myself slipping up.

Keep vigilant, one step at a time.